Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Next Cookery Class!!!

Dear all, the next cookery class will take place this SATURDAY (13th) at 11:00 at the program Bell office in ul Fredry.

We will be cooking a traditional English pudding again. This time, bread and butter pudding: This is a really simple but really tasty recipe using fresh bread, milk, raisins and eggs. Its not a good idea for those on a diet :)

The last two classes have been a real success. Thank you to all those who attended and apologies to those of you who could not make it. Thanks also to Paco who filmed the classes.

The apple crumble was so delicious that we had to fight off a couple of hungry teachers with our forks! And the chocolate brownies were lovely too but the mess afterwards was horrible (i'm still finding chocolate in that room even now!). Below are some pictures of the classes:

For those of you who want to cook and learn English at th same time, we will be running a series of classes every month starting in January. Details will be posted on the blog and e-mail to you closer to the time.

For now, though, Merry Christmas and see you in 2009. Bon Appetit

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Dear friends

Welcome to the blog that accompanies the monthly cookery classes held by Program Bell

Every month I will be updating this blog before and after the classes.

The first class will be on Friday 24th October at 7pm. Classes will be held at Program Bell in the centre of Poznan.

For the first lesson we will be cooking an apple crumble. A crumble is a traditional british dessert made of stewed fruits (apple, blackberries, rhubarb) with a crust on top made of sugar, butter and flour (or oats).

But don't worry, if you don't like British food (it's not all fish and chips you know!), each month we will be cooking a dish from around the world - a curry from India, fresh pasta maybe? something from China? who knows....

Before the classes I will be telling you what you need to bring and afterwards I will give you the recipes and some wierd and/or interesting weblinks. For example, here is a brief history of pies and crumbles:

So, I hope you enjoy the blog and maybe I'll see you at the classes!